About Sujay


Sujay Irrigations Pvt Ltd is committed to:


  • Manufacture and supply of micro Irrigation equipments and water conveying systems of excellence as per standards.
  • Satisfy applicable requirements.
  • Set quality Objectives monitor.
  • Continual improvement of quality management system.


Some of the company?s quality objectives are:

  • Improvement in productivity.
  • Product and process improvement.
  • Enhancement of 100 % Customer satisfaction.
  • Human resource development ? Training staff, dealers and end users.
  • Explore new markets (minimum of one per year).
  • Sustainable development.
  • Identify, review, update risks and opportunity quarterly.

Sujay irrigation pvt ltd are manufacturers of drip and sprinkler irrigation equipments and engineering plastic injection molded components. All components of the Sujay Irrigation Systems are made from non-corrosive and virgin material. Every component is subjected to extensive quality control tests before supply to ensure trouble-free operation year after year. Further, each system is designed to suit individual farm requirements after studying crop, crop geometry, soil type, water(quality and quantity) and climatic conditions. With years of experience, Sujay Irrigation Systems assure you healthy plant growth, early maturity and increased yields at reduced input costs.

Sujay Irrigation Systems are ideally suited to irrigate a variety of Horticultural and Agricultural crops such as Coconuts, Arecanuts, Grapes, Mangoes, Sapota, Guava, Orange, Banana, Lime, Ber, Pomegranate, Betel wine, Roses, Floriculture, Sugarcane, Cotton, Mulberry, Vegetables, etc. Also suitable for Residential gardens, Industrial landscape, Hotel landscape, Resorts, Public and Government Enterprises, Golf Courses, Racecourses.


Sujay Irrigation private limited has 3 manufacturing units, all based in Bangalore.
i. Unit-1: Kamakshipalya- Here we manufacture all the fittings,? ?misters,microsprinklers, Online emitters needed for Drip irrigation systems.

ii. Unit-2: Kumbalgodu- Here we manufacture Plain laterals, Integrated drip lines,and special tubes from 3 mm OD to 20 mm OD. With 5 numbers of state of the art high speed production lines, we produce about 4.5 lakh meters of Drip irrigation tubing’s a day.
iii. Unit-3: Dabaspet- Started in 2019, here we manufacture HDPE sprinkler irrigation systems for agricultural purposes. We also manufacture HDPE pipes for potable water supply and other applications ranging from 20 mm to 110 mm OD with pressure rating from 4 Bar to 20 Bar. We also manufacture drip irrigation pipes and fittings in this location.


We are presently operating in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha,Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and North Eastern States.We have a well-trained and competent dealer network in all the states where we are operating. It is a continuous process and more dealers are being appointed to cover unrepresented areas. We have more than 400 dealers covering important areas of operation who cover about 20,000 Ha of irrigation per year.
We are also exporting our products to other countries.


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No.86, Main Road, Petechannappa Estate Kamakshipalya, Bangalore - 560079, India.